About Us

Photography Collection LLC started in 2010 in Torrance, California, south of Los Angeles, as a company selling contemporary and classic photographs by renowned photographers like Gustave le Gray, Jock Sturges, and André de Diènes and offering art appraisals. We also published the online magazine Photography Collection with news about the photography art market, covering major auctions, exhibitions, photographers, and price trends. Our experts also analyzed price trends concerning individual artists and historical periods. The magazine also addressed art history and significant eras and concepts of photography. Furthermore, it was essential for us to communicate how to preserve and present photographs professionally, whether in the home or at an exhibition. 

Soon, we realized the need to offer services like detailed market analyses, translations, and proofreading to better support our clients in the rapidly developing art market. Moving to Europe, Photography Collection LLC grew quickly and opened an office in Munich, Germany. Our focus is still on buying and selling fine art photography, but today we also offer outstanding services for collectors at all levels, from those who only buy photographs from time to time to passionate collectors, galleries, and museums. We help them to manage and improve their collections, to open them to the public, and to sell and acquire new artworks.

Managing Director: Maximilian von Soltau

Business Development: Peter Schaefermeier

Translation Managers: Sophia von Soltau, Kenneth O’Brian, Suzanne Weinstein

Art Pricing: Lori Spencer, Richard Feinstein

Art Consulting: Richard von Löwenstein

Webmaster: Novra Tilova





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