Art Appraisal – Photo Printing – Image Sales

Art Appraisal – Photo Printing – Image Sales

Art Appraisal: We can provide you with price estimates for selling and buying photographs. Please contact us or send us some professional pictures (front, back, details, and signature) of the artwork that you would like an estimate for and provide us with detailed information about provenance, date of purchase, etc. Please include the name of the artist, the title of the photograph and let us know if it is a vintage or a modern print, that is to say when it has been produced. We will check with our sources and inform you if there is any sales history associated with the photograph that includes its most recent selling price. You may even bring the photo to one of our art appraisers in person in the US or Europe. Secure payment by PayPal or cash.

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Series of Photographs: We print series of vintage and early photographs. If you own reproduction rights to classic or vintage photos, please contact us to discuss what options are available to you. We offer e.g. lambda prints for color photos.

Image sales: We can sell your photographs at auction, via a gallery or to a direct customer. To fulfill those orders successfully, we work with a team of art experts. For example, we handled the successful sales of images by artists like Jock Sturges and André de Dienes. Photography Collection organizes and offers secure payment and transport of artworks with the help of specialized logistics enterprises. 

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