Translation Services

Translation Services

translation services

Photography Collection offers general and expert translation services and proofreading for galleries, museums, publishing houses, art experts, collectors, art collections and everyone involved in the field of fine art photography. Our translators are experts concerning that subject, and you will get best results. We handle all desired file formats like txt, pdf, docx, jpg, png, tiff, ppt, xls, etc. So our linguists can translate your PowerPoint presentations, books, flyers, word documents, excel sheets, and images or logos. Or even entire WordPress websites and books. We handle large projects together with our network of translation companies and 20000 individual translators worldwide + networks of translators and support multilingual web development for international sites. So if you have a website in German or English and you need to have it in different languages for your worldwide target audience, we offer complete translation services and web development.

Machine translation and review

You can choose between the various services:  This is useful for general texts as they are translated immediately by software systems, and a translator checks them. He corrects the outcome using a sophisticated online tool. Machine translation and review is the best solution to work very quickly and cost efficient so that clients can meet their budgets using professional translation services.

Translations and proofreading

An expert translates the texts; a second one proofreads them coordinated by a very experienced translation manager to ensure best quality reagarding content, grammar, orthography, style, and layout. You will receive it the day you need it. If necessary, you can get professional translation services for popular languages like English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and even German on the same day within hours depending on the number of words. These are human translations, so our linguists do not use software to guarantee best results. Human translations are most important for search engine optimization to create individual texts. Machine translation software works mostly statistically. That is to say; it uses already translated sentences or phrases. This is most efficient compared to translations using logic or fuzzy logic. Good software combines both: statistics and (fuzzy) logic but the emphasis is on statistics, that means human translations because languages develop and often they are not at all logic.

So the results are sentences and phrases, which have been used before and Google doesn’t like that. Web sites get punished regarding search results because of double content. They use content from other sites which can be a copyright infringement.   So this is an important risk of machine translation. And this is the reason we recommend human translations. The complete process of translation and proofreading is supervised by a project manager, who contacts the client if there is anything to clarify. This can be concerning the content of the text, the deadline, payment or anything else. He also controls the outcome of translation and proofreading and suggests corrections in case it is necessary.

Translations and web development

Photography Collection turns WordPress websites in one language into multilingual sites.  So they are well prepared for search engine optimization, SEO, and search engine marketing, SEM.



This is a three step process:


1. Please click on the button “free quote” below for a quote. 2. Type the URL of your website, and we will get back to you with a quote. 3. Then we will install a plugin to translate your site and to create different language versions keeping the original design.

The translation process is always supervised by our efficient translation and quality management and a best practice workflow to ensure top results. We handle all desired language pairs and file formats. Please contact us for a quote and upload the text or type the URL of your website.  In case your are interested we can send you detailed information about the workflow of large translation projects. Please feel free to contact us.

free quote We offer translation services for all language pairs. These are some examples.      

English <> French Spanish <> Chinese
German <> French Japanese <>Persian
Italian <> Hindi Korean <> Serbian
Czech <> Croatian Greek <> Portuguese
Spanish <> Thai Finnish <> Bulgarian
Turkish <> Vietnamese Turkish <> Vietnamese
Russian <> Arabic Hebrew <> Bengali
Tamil <> Javanese Malay <> Urdu
Polish <> Ukrainian Urdu <> Dutch

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